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Melbourne Football Academy's Dutch Partners arrive for 2023

Melbourne Football Academy is thrilled to have our Dutch partners from the SoccerPlay Program return once againarriving in September 2023. David Zonneveld and Ronald Offerman, two coaches from Amsterdam Netherlands, were welcomed for a week's long exclusive training camp held at Melbourne Football Academy's Training Centre.   

2023 signified the fourth time our Dutch partners were welcomed to our training centre in Melbourne. Having David and Ronald return for the second part of the training program which they commenced in 2022, they were able to observe and be delighted with the growth and progress of MFA's students, building on the foundations set in part one of the program. 

Hosting the SoccerPlay Camp in our training centre provides a unique opportunity for students of the Melbourne Football Academy of Football Excellence to learn and experiment in a familiar environment whilst receiving specialised knowledge on advanced footballing techniques and methodologies which are delivered by highly experienced coaches who have worked alongside professional coaches, including former AFC Ajax Amsterdam Manager, Marcel Keizer.   

Melbourne Football Academy continues to work collectively with SoccerPlay (formerly named Ajax Online Academy), extending into an eleven-year partnership which fosters the benefits of a professional footballing system which is implemented directly into MFA. Throughout the extensive partnership the Academy and its partners have been able to build a relationship which has allowed for continual growth and developments in the training program delivered. Continually expanding to develop and utilise a holistic approach which moves beyond core skills training to also prioritise the development of each member into a positive individual - focusing on building their physical, mental and social capabilities.

Working alongside SoccerPlay and capitalising on opportunities to arrange training camps helps to strengthen and maintain an integral overseas partnership, assisting Melbourne Football Academy in delivering its footballing education program. As an additional benefit of this partnership MFA can continue to implement overseas innovations which are designed to enhance the quality of our students and tailor an approach which more precisely develops students long-term.  

David Zonneveld, the academy's coordinator, highlighted that football serves as a wonderful way to bring people together - opening hearts and minds across cultures and uniting people with the same passion for football. 

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